Booking Workshops

Each session is approximately 45-60 minutes depending on class size and age. All workshops can be tailored to the specific group.

Sessions include the following:

  • inside information about how an author creates a book, from brainstorming to storytelling to publication
  • how authors and illustrators work together
  • a reading of either Maggie’s Mittens or Maggie’s Monsters (depending on season of the year, or the venue’s preference) including puppets and props
  • arts and crafts activities
  • book signing

I provide flyers to distribute prior to the visit and all art materials on the day.

For older children, workshops can include some writing and illustration time as well as a Q&A.

Workshops alongside illustrator Alison Soye include her perspective on what an illustrator does and what paint, pens, and programs she uses. She enlists children to help create new designs and illustrations.

We are registered with the Scottish Book Trust and our hourly and daily fees are in line with this organisation.

For information about adult workshops, conferences, judging panels, etc., please contact me.