More About Coo

Coo Clayton

Question #1
What did you have for breakfast?

I’ve got to start the day with a decent cup of tea in my favourite mug. I always allow myself 10 minutes in bed to drink it whilst thinking about the day ahead before the chaos descends! This morning I had a slice of toast with vegemite on it. Tomorrow I think I’ll have a bowl of granola with yoghurt on top.

Breakfast of champions!

Question #2
Where do your ideas come from?

Ideas quite often just pop into my head, usually when I am driving or travelling somewhere. I think this is because I’m focused on one thing…then my brain opens up and that’s when the ideas come!

When I am at work or home with the kids I don’t have a moment to think. Quite often the ideas I have for stories are based on something that happened in real life. My daughter Maggie, who is a bit of a character, has inspired lots of ideas!

Question #3
What is it like working with an illustrator?

It’s brilliant. I was so lucky to be matched with Alison. We get on very well and talk to each other frequently. We work really closely together when creating the Maggie books. It’s so important to understand how each other work. We spent a lot of time visualising what we wanted before she started, and we go through many drafts to get the perfect illustration.