Maggie's Mittens

Maggie’s Monsters

Maggie is back!

Maggie loves monsters. All kinds of monsters. But what she’d like best in the world is a real monster to play with.

So Maggie and her mum set off on a monster-spotting trip around Scotland – with a pair of yellow binoculars to help them.

Join Maggie on her tour of Scotland’s most famous sites and…and animals!

Maggie’s Monsters is the follow-up to the delightful debut book Maggie’s Mittens by author Coo Clayton and illustrator Alison Soye.


Workshops are an exciting way to make reading come alive for children. I tailor workshops by age, size of class or group, curriculum, project, etc. I have presented workshops at schools, libraries, festivals, playgroups, nurseries and bookshops.

Alison and I are also available to present workshops as a team which focus on illustration and writing.

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Coo Clayton

Coo Clayton

I grew up in St Andrews, Fife and attended a tiny countryside primary school. My mother was a primary school teacher and my father read me books every day. I spent a lot of time outside with my two sisters making up stories.

I am a primary school teacher in Edinburgh where I live with my husband and three children (two boys, Chris and Tom, and a girl, called Maggie!). Having children re-ignited my love for picture books, and the Maggie series is inspired by my Maggie. I am passionate about sharing the beauty of Scotland with young readers from around the world.

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